Boss Summit 2020: Lynn Brishae is Taking Back 2020 And Giving It To Black Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: May 2

Businesses don’t change people; people change people. As an entrepreneur, there are two defining moments that will consistently bring you to your height of success: the moment you stop seeing who you are and start seeing who you’re becoming and the moment you choose to only surround yourself with people who see themselves the same way. Attending conferences and seminars with like minded individuals is a key way to fast track yourself to that higher state of self awareness. Sometimes it takes seeing pieces of you in someone who’s arrived to the place you’re heading.

Next week, CEO of Mink Bawse Enterprises, Inc. Lynn Brishae will be hosting a 4-day /3 night retreat in Kissimmee Orlando, Florida for entrepreneurs, career bosses and women interested in elevating their statuses and finances. The Boss Summit will take place September 8-11th and has completely SOLD OUT in the middle of a gl