Boss Summit: SPOTLIGHT

Meet Ms. Kia Denise. Philly's own most sought out female chef on the rise. This wife and mother of two boys is the host of "Cooking With Kia", an author of "Mommy What's For Dinner" cookbook that's available on and has traveled on the road with a SOLD OUT cooking tour. The cooking tour is an experience like no other. The atmosphere is just an amazing vibe that includes a live DJ with music.

Kia always had a love for cooking. Her first encounter was believing in herself. Therefore, when she received the call that offered her the opportunity to cater Milano Di Rouge's Womanaire Reciprocity Retreat in August 2018 she jumped on it.

Unaware of what she signed up for, Kia knew her skills and took that leap of faith. Everything turned out fantastic. Kia exceeded all expectations. The food was so delicious that she was invited to come back the following year for the second annual Womanaire Club retreat held in April 2019. Soon after Kia quit her full time job to explore a career in being a female chef.

Meeting so many beautiful female entrepreneurs while catering these retreats led her to be one of the best to ever do it. The relationships and bonds led her to more catering opportunities. Kia has catered brunches, lunches, dinners, food on private jet planes, different family events, a quiet night at home for any occasion and plenty other women gatherings and retreats.