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Boss Summit: The VISIONARY

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Crystal Bailey is more than just a name. Why because she owns it! It's her brand, registered and trademarked. Now that's a boss move. PERIOD.

Known as the ultimate VISIONARY Crystal is a mom, bossprenuer, female empowerment leader, creative director, businesswoman, luxury and elite event producer all wrapped up into one. She has produced high profile events such as Dope Shows, HER. SHE. SOAR. Conference 2022 and Black Is. . a Philadelphia based dinner party experience for the elite professionals of color focusing on the evolution of black excellence.

However, the journey for Crystal did not come easy. Success came with so many obstacles. She actually started over 3 different times. The true meaning of having that "KEEP GOING" mentality and never stop. Crystal's tenacity and never giving up attitude paid off for her big time. What a blessing. After finding her PURPOSE, her WHY and blossoming into a beautiful butterfly Crystal became one of the most sought out event gurus of luxury experiences.

Crystal is a powerhouse who climbed her way to the top. From social events to large scale corporate productions. It took her ten (10) years to get where she is today. You've heard the cliche it's a race not a marathon.

Her inspiring story of triumph is simply amazing and she will be joining us at the Boss Summit in September 2022. We are super excited to have her. Don't miss the opportunity to network with some of the most brilliant minds of prominent business women that work behind the scenes of so many brands we admire and see everyday.

You don't want to miss this

life-changing experience happening in Kissimmee, Orlando, Florida

September 27-30, 2022. There is only 6 spots left. Investing in yourself pays the most reward. My advice to you . . . . get in the room.

Go to to secure your spot today..


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