Edna McCants: Second Recipient for $1,000.00 Boss Summit Scholarship

Updated: May 2

As she walked through a 10 Million Dollar home, the 31 year-old special needs educator and motivational healer couldn’t help but stop to take a pause.

She inhaled the present moment of her surroundings and exhaled her fears of anything that almost stopped her from experiencing this day. Edna McCants was

a long way from Harlem, New York; and, for the first time in her life, she felt bigger than she’d ever been. She knew The Boss Summit was a place where she could make her mark, but she had no idea how much bigger that mark would grow once she returned home.

The year 2020 marked the most money Edna McCants had ever spent on her business, ME Empowerment. From merchandise to marketing expenses, she saw a vision for her business that she was set on executing. The more she invested, the more her business bloomed.

In response to her growth, she began investing her time. Edna would spend hours on Clubhouse, on her Instagram story and even travel to meet like minded speakers to further grow her brand.

Hearing about The Boss Summit was simply the icing on the cake. With the support of her family, Edna booked her ticket, planned her stay and began envisioning her time at this one of a kind getaway. Everything was falling into place perfectly. Life was moving quickly and her business was following suit. However, it wasn’t long before she was forced to take a pause and reflect on what was truly going on around her.