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Lynn Brishae is Taking Back 2020 And Giving It To Black Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Businesses don’t change people; people change people. As an entrepreneur, there are two defining moments that will consistently bring you to your height of success: the moment you stop seeing who you are and start seeing who you’re becoming and the moment you choose to only surround yourself with people who see themselves the same way. Attending conferences and seminars with like minded individuals is a key way to fast track yourself to that higher state of self awareness. Sometimes it takes seeing pieces of you in someone who’s arrived to the place you’re heading.

Next week, CEO of Mink Bawse Enterprises, Inc. Lynn Brishae will be hosting a 4-day /3 night retreat in Kissimmee Orlando, Florida for entrepreneurs, career bosses and women interested in elevating their statuses and finances. The Boss Summit will take place September 8-11th and has completely SOLD OUT in the middle of a global pandemic. The line up of guest speakers, alone, is Brand Heaven, but the summit itself is the real prize. This 4-day experience was designed, specifically, for a Boss.

As you enter the Boss Summit, you’re greeted by fellow Bosses who’ve also signed up to be better versions of themselves. You all will clink glasses, share information and enjoy appetizers before you get settled into your rooms. Later that night, you’ll get dolled up and ready to sit by the fireside for a chat with Marilyn Van Alstyne, owner of Drink Wifey. Head Chef, Talibah Cherry, also owner of Deeper Than Soul, will serve you an unforgettable dinner. Once the last glass of wine is poured, you’ll be ready to race to your room and fill your planner with notes, quotes and plans.

Too bad the night isn’t over! CEO of Mommy Talks Matter, Brittany Miller, will be hosting a pajama party. You’ll enjoy some late nights snacks, delicious drinks and good old fashioned girl talk. All of this fun and connection is to prepare for the real work of Day 2.

Day 2 consist of the Masterclass Workshop. The powerhouse of women will teach and you shall learn. The class will cover everything you need to know to start a business from scratch. From setting up an LLC and DBA to trademarks and licensing. In addition, Armanceyyy, owner of Armanceyyy Agency and Alisha McCann, owner of The Lish Agency will teach social media and digital marketing. You will complete a logo for your business and learn digital marketing. Karmen Kendrick, Word Press web designer and founder of The Support Concierge will be showing the attendees how to build a one page website from scratch. This part of the summit is not for the weak hearted.

Lynn Brishae has truly outdone herself with this phenomenal event. She has made sure to nominate Black Female CEOs as facilitators for each activity and module. What better way to elevate Bosses than to put them with Bosses who have succeeded? The scheduling of the event also balances hard work and hard play perfectly to avoid burn outs among guests with different learning styles.

Kia Denise, owner of “Cooking With Kia” flew all the way from Philadelphia, PA to cook up gourmet meals for the women. Chyna owner of Dollhouse Cosmetics will host a fireside chat on the second evening of the Summit.

Day 3 all seventeen women who were blessed to obtain a ticket to this summit will learn Financial Literacy from New York’s finest Valerie Rodriguez International and how to keep their credit in line from the credit goddess herself Deunka Alston, owner of Pressure Builds Bosses.

The ultimate finale is the all white Farewell Dinner. A ceremony that honors the theme “MUCH BIGGER” will be hosted by Jazmine Jackson. The Christian Bae will remind the beautiful women of their inner strength. The ceremony consists of releasing their fears that holds them back from reaching greatness. Boss Summit 2020 offers boss women a chance to be part of something MUCH BIGGER! The hope is they they leave with the knowledge and tools to level up, fulfill their wildest dreams, figure out their WHY and be inspired.

Bosses Talk Beauty is honored to be covering this event for our many Bosses who can’t attend in person, but want to benefit as much as possible from home. It is now more important than ever to become the best version of yourself that you can be. We don’t know what the next month or the next year has in store, but we do know preparation is key. The world is changing and the power is available. Get you some.

Keep Elevating,


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It was so life changing

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