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Boss Summit's "BIGGER" Movement Continues

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Boss Summit is a's a "BIGGER" movement! We don't take this phrase lightly. This is why we decided to have Boss Summit In March 2021 in a $10 million dollar mansion in Kissimmee, Florida. We return much bigger than before. Bosses mean BUSINESS and we are no exception.

We understand you didn't expect for us to be back so soon but there's work to do and lives to impact. This 3 night/4 day Women's Business Retreat offers a life changing experience for most that attend. The knowledge and information that is given is priceless. Just ask any of the women who've attended in the past. Boss Summit has the connections like no other.

Scholarships given, job opportunities, collaborations and partnerships were made in addition to the endless sisterhood relationships and business friendships. A bond that will last forever. Boss Summit even had two women who met at Boss Summit and found out they were actually related. The two are cousins. A wow moment for all.of us.These women are serious. They didn't come to play.

Boss Summit gave another $1,000.00 Scholarship to a deserving attendee to use towards their business or continuing their education. We will continue this very important part of this event. We are super excited to grow at such a rapid rate. We are looking to continue this amazing journey as a 501 (c) 3 non profit.

We want to take this time to thank everyone who has joined us and donated in the past. Our sponsors mean so much to us. They help us to make this Boss Summit possible. We are excited to add another piece to our puzzle which we will announce soon. We hope to roll out the surprise in September 2021.

Please visit the Boss Summit Instagram or the website for all the updates and latest information. Don't forget to snag you a spot for the next Summit.



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