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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Deja Towns

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Former radio personality Ms. Deja Towns. Ms. Towns is the founder/CEO of Los Angeles based organization called "Women That Hustle". Started in 2016, Women That Hustle is an agency that houses female makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, models, and more.

It all began on the radio. On her show, Ms. Towns was always asked by artists for referrals for makeup and hair. She became the go to for creative talents and she loved the opportunities she created with each connection. Eventually, she went from seeing herself as a girl with connections to a woman with resources.

Women empowerment hits home for Deja in a special way. In her own life, she’s seen how lack of encouragement from like-minded women can leave a woman lost about who she is. Her businesses has allowed her to change the lives of others while also filling voids within herself.

In addition to Women That Hustle, Deja owns “Dunamis Events,” that specializes in decorating and event planning and “That’s My Mean Mug,” that specializes in custom mugs designed for creative personal expression. Deja is also currently an active licensed insurance agent for Life, Accident and Health.

Ms. Towns attended the very first Boss Summit in September 2020 not knowing what she was getting herself into. She felt blindfolded but walked into a beautiful surprise when she arrived. Although she came kicking and screaming all the way from Inglewood, California, she loved every bit of it.

Boss Summit provided a wealth of knowledge for building her business and plenty of information to learn networking skills. She expressed in her own words, “I felt so blessed when I was asked for Dunamis Events to return 6 months later to decorate the second Boss Summit. That was one opportunity I could not let go. I was appreciative and forever grateful.”

Boss Summit was very informative. I learned so much from attending both. Having a Trademark for your business was a huge gem. Deja was not only given the tools to make her business better, but was given the platform to express her growth. As she moves forward in her endeavors, her advice to women looking to attend Boss Summit would be to come prepared to take notes, network and connect with like minded women.. Boss Summit is your chance to shine and grow whatever business you're starting or already have established.

The next Boss Summit will be held September 14-17, 2021.


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