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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Teneka Steed

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Meet Dr. Teneka Steed. A phenomenal woman who has received FOUR (4) degrees by the age of 30 with a Masters and PHD in Educational Research Methods

(that's short for assessment design, statical analysis and evaluation).

Dr. Teneka is a woman on the rise. In 2012, she worked for the Department of Education in Atlanta, Georgia. From there she became a Statistician on a NASA project in 2013. In 2018, she becomes a Research Manager Consultant for the

Me Too Movement, which helped her launch her own research consultant business. Certified Women-Owned Willene Agency.

This passion project quickly turned into a future multi-million dollar firm that helps BIPOC female entrepreneurs identify their target audience, improve their customer service and retention and increase their sales using data.

By 2019 she had created her new wellness and lifestyle brand called 360 Mindful. Today she is adding an additional program to her non profit organization The Steed Foundation called "Prep to Prosper".

In addition, Dr. Teneka can help you get your business certified as a women-owned small business (WOSB) by the federal government Small Business Administration (SBA).

Boss Summit was truly blessed to have her as one of our speakers in September 2023. Dr Teneka shared her expertise on "Data To Dollars". A great conversation about how market research can grow your business, she discussed aligning your purpose and business development as well as helping your brand reach its next level of greatness.

Dr. Teneka was also featured in Voyage Raleigh as a Hidden Gem. Check out her article. We cannot wait to work with her on our upcoming Boss Up & Build Back the Block project in Cleveland, Ohio. Stay tuned for what's coming in 2024.

When powerful women connect, change happens.

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