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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Ohavia Phillips

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

We are super excited to announce that Ms. Ohavia Phillips will be joining us for Boss Summit in 3 weeks. Ohavia is an Entertainment Media Maven & Activist and CEO of The Ohverse Network.

We met Ms. Phillips at "The Who Is She Brunch" and she was surely a big part of the entertainment with her amazing spirit. Such a ball of energy we could not help but ask her to join us for the Boss Summit.

The Ohverse Network is known as the RevOHlutionary in Media, Art and Entertainment. She has her own podcast called "Beautiful People with Ohavia Phillips" and you can catch her out and about in Queen City.

Once I changed the way I saw success,

I noticed how God was doing "exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think" - all around me. If your in the Charlotte, North Carolina area make sure you book this ball of energy for your event. Ms. Ohavia Phillips also travels. She will not disappoint. Get connected.

Only 3 spots left for the next Boss Summit held September 27-30th. Join us for this life-changing opportunity in Kissimmee, Orlando Florida. Invest in yourself today!


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