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Deja Potts: First Recipient for $500.00 Boss Summit Scholarship

Meet Deja Potts. At the age of 30, Deja is a mother of two, a braided hairstylist, owns her own bartending service called Upscale Cocktail, loves to dance and is now our Boss Summit September 2023 $500.00 Scholarship Recipient.

Deja danced herself all the way from Detroit, Michigan to attend the Boss Summit.

Prior to arriving, Deja set out on a mission to build genuine relationships with

like-minded entrepreneurial women, grasp strategies on how to balance having big dreams while being a mom, and overall self-reformation. Once she arrived, Deja felt a little nervous but quickly became herself and felt right at home.

"I am still on cloud nine for being the recipient". When Tabatha Lumley, CEO of Pantheon Transportation called her name her heart jumped in the pool, she says. Deja was feeling panicked at one point during the retreat. Just feeling a little unnoticed or as if she did not network enough. That could not have been more further than the truth.

Deja says, “honey listen, this experience has taught me that it’s true when they say, "you never know when someone is watching”. You can be impactful to someone just off small conversations. Sometimes just being in the room and having your presence felt. With attending this retreat Deja got so much more than she bargained for. She attained a sisterhood, and lifetime connections.

I'm glad I decided to invest in myself. I'm glad I showed up for myself.

I deserve.

Deja went into the Boss Summit searching for clarity and walked out completely full. Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me, for bringing light to my life, for blessing me with the push I sincerely needed. Boss Summit September 2023 owes me nothing. Let's go Deja. We are expecting nothing but great things from you. Make us proud.

Congratulations to Deja Potts, the first to receive a $500.00 Scholarship donated by Ms. Tabatha Lumley, CEO of Pantheon Transportation located in Buffalo, New York.

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