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DonnaReine: Her Journey To Tyler Perry Studios

Updated: Jun 23

It's truly necessary that we run this back. Meet DonnaReine Rawls. DonnaReine attended the Boss Summit back in March 2021 as an attendee. Then she attended a second time in September 2022 as a wardrobe stylist. Never in a miilion years did she know that 4 years later she would be working for Tyler Perry's Sistas - TV Series, the number one show on the BET Plus network.

This opportunity did not come without PRAYER, PERSISTENCE and VISUALIZATION. Therefore we are super excited to announce that she will be joining us for the next Boss Summit in March 2025.

DonnaReine will speak to you in person about her story and her journey. In her own words, "I literally spoke this moment into existence in January. Praying for elevation in my career, a chance to live my dream of working in TV/FILM, telling those close to me that I will be here any day! Then one day, when least expected, my phone rang with the greatest opportunity on the other end. Tears flowed from my eyes, I literally pinched myself because I thought it wasn't real....DaniAnn, we have an opportunity for you to work as set costumer for Tyler Perry Sistas."

I've been in Atlanta, Georgia working my tail off. Thrown in there with just my passion and my wardrobe kit. Well, your girl killed it! Between 15 hour days, toes screaming, back aching and some more, but I loved every single moment. I'm made for this! To be a part of something so huge is euphoric. I am literally living the DREAM, and I can show my boys that if you stick to it, show persistence, pray and WILL happen.

Beyond grateful for this opportunity. This is only the beginning. My IMbD is about to be long. With two shows down, both Tyler Perry's Sistas and Zatima, I'm sure there is more to come.

I hope this inspires you to just keep going, no matter what it is. I'm taking my own route and you should too. We here at Boss Summit are so proud of her.

The next Boss Summit will be held March 25-28, 2025. Secure your spot now.

For more information go to

Listen to DonnaReine interview with the HOST of "The Boss Experience" podcast, Brianna @thedigitalprincess back in December 2021.



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