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The Boss Experience Podcast Gets ATL Billboard

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Approximately four months ago, Sim Simma came up with the idea to launch an audio podcast through the Boss Summit platform. Her creative mind went into the lab and just like that "The Boss Experience" was born. From the logo, to the episode titles to the music the podcast sets the tone for the masterpiece. With our amazing host Brianna Gainey behind the microphone every Wednesday interviewing some amazing Bosspreneurs, you can listen to a variety of new episodes.

The audio podcast is filled with stories and journeys of lady entrepreneurs.

With over 10 episodes to date be sure to listen to 20 minutes of an enlightening version of the struggles they encounter and how these women overcame their obstacles. The podcast has literally taken off. This shows women are willing to hear stories they can relate to and some of the difficulties and obstacles of starting our own businesses.

Female entrepreneurship is not easy. This is why Boss Summit is an summit that allows business women to network, partner and collaborate with one other to help one another learn and grow. Our Masterclasses are taught by some of the best in the female entrepreneurship game. They say its strength in numbers. We are out to change the trajectory for our own development and the way we do business for our career paths.

If you are in the Atlanta area please check out our digital billboard located on the southbound side of the Fulton Street/Central Avenue/Georgia State University

Exit 246 downtown. Be sure to stay tune for so much more that's in store for this exciting new podcast venture. You have about 3 more weeks to view.

If you would like to be featured as a guest on "The Boss Experience" podcast please reach out to us. We would love to hear and discuss your journey. In the meantime, please make sure you SUBSCRIBE for upcoming details on the next Boss Summit in March 2022. The Boss Summit held in September 2021 is currently SOLD OUT. Thank you all for your support.

Click here to listen now.



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