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Get A Business Education Opportunity With Boss Summit University

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise. According to Forbes Magazine, black women are the fasting growing group for entrepreneurship. Here at the Boss Summit, we wanted to help more female entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to advance their skill sets through the Boss University.

Boss Summit University is a specialized business education and empowerment session for female entrepreneurs who attend the Boss Summit. We invite successful and knowledgeable womanpreneurs who work with some of best brands across various industries. They not only share their methods but their unique business experiences as well.

Educating yourself on the ins and outs of business can be crucial to the success of starting your own. Boss Summit brings a variety of informative bosses who have made their mark in their perspective fields and career paths. These powerhouses do not hold back with giving you the tools and gems to help you succeed.

Certified CPA Shantel Williams teaches you how to stay on top of your business taxes and how to put yourself in position to receive funding from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Alisha Collins shows you how to design your logo and create a template via Canva.

Topics such as business credit, business funding, social media and digital marketing will be discussed and are some of biggest highlights of Boss Summit University.

Don't miss the opportunity to grow your connections and your brand. Meet other women who encounter the same obstacles, trials and tribulations that come with starting and running your own business. In addition, you may walk away with the Boss Summit $1,000.00 Scholarship to further your education or fund your business.

The next chance to take advantage of this life changing experience will be March 2022. Learn and network with some of the most amazing boss women from all over the world.

Last year we welcomed an attendee from Montreal, Monica Duclervil We were super excited to have her because she had not been in the U.S. in over 15 years. Thank you to Monica for attending the Boss Summit in September 2021,

The next Boss Summit will be held in Kissimmee, Florida in March 2022. . Click here to secure your spot.