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Get A Business Education Opportunity With Boss Summit University

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise. According to Forbes Magazine, BIPOC women are the fasting growing group for entrepreneurship. Here at the Boss Summit, we wanted to help more female entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to advance their skill set and knowledge through the Boss Summit University.

Boss Summit University is a specialized business education and empowerment session for female entrepreneurs who attend the Boss Summit. We invite successful and knowledgeable bosspreneurs who work with some of best companies and brands across various industries. They not only share their methods but their unique business experiences as well.

Educating yourself on the ins and outs of business can be crucial to the success of starting your own. Boss Summit brings a variety of informative bosses who have made their mark in their perspective fields and career paths. These powerhouses do not hold back with giving you the tools and gems to help you succeed.

Next month you will be poured into by some amazing powerhouse women in the industry. Boss Summit brings 13 dynamic business entrepreneurs to Kissimmee Orlando, Florida to pour into inspiring women. The lineup consists of:

Dr. Teneka Steed, CEO of The Willene Agency, Kay Moye, CEO of Moye Creatives, Regina Johnson, Financial Wealth Advisor and Co-Lead for ATL For(bes)BLK, Executive Funding Strategist, Ernestine Chambers, CEO of UpSkill Etc., Ohavia Phillips, In-Arena Host for the Charlotte Hornets and Media Maven for all things Television, Sports and Entertainment, Creative Writer, Chief Storyteller and Word Architect Simone Garvey-Ewan, CEO of Sage Reeds Media, Erica Montcrief, CEO of Views Crew, a Social Media Management company. Master Life Coach Edna McCants, CEO of The Soul of Me, Branding and Marketing Guru, Gracie Franco, CEO of GMF Brands and Bossae Lashes, Content Creator, Markela Tarrance, Chatejah George, owner of C&C Movie Film Studios and joining us virtually via Zoom is Branding Strategist Maryam Sherif and visionary Crystal Bailey, CEO of Crystal Bailey Productions.

Topics such as business certifications, business funding, content creation, social media management, branding, digital marketing, media production, financial wealth will be discussed. This is by far one of biggest highlights of Boss Summit University.

Buiding relationships is key.

Boss Summit allows you to grow your connections and network your brand. Meet other women who encounter the same obstacles, trials and tribulations that come with starting and running your own business. In addition, one of our attendees will walk away with the Boss Summit $1,000.00 Scholarship to further your education or fund your business.

Sorry if you missed this one. We are currently SOLD OUT! However, the next opportunity to take advantage of this life changing experience will be March 2025 in Kissimmee Orlando, Florida. Learn and network with some of the most amazing boss women from all over the world.

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