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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Brianna Wright

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Meet Brianna Wright known as @theedigitalprincess on Instagram. She is our very own talented HOST of the latest trendy podcast on the Boss Summit platform called The Boss Experience The audio podcast is the best 20 minutes of your Wednesdays. In addition, Brianna is the small business owner of 828shade, a chic fashionable line of sunglasses for women.

Streaming live on all podcast platforms The Boss Experience allows female entrepreneurs share their personal experiences, stories and journeys. Brianna is behind the microphone interviewing some powerful bossprenuers from a variety of backgrounds.

This 28 year old Georgia peach has interviewed over 48+ lady entrepreneurs striving to have a successful small business in todays society. It is an enlightened version of the struggles they encounter and how they overcome the obstacles that came their way.

The podcast has literally taken off with a growing amount of listeners weekly. We believe women who own their own small businesses can relate. The conversations cover some of the difficulties and struggles as well as dropping gems and speaking about some of the most rewarding parts of being a female entreprenuer.

We are super excited to have Brianna featured on The Gem Experience Lifestyle.

A platform that allows black women to educate, empower, create, collaborate and celebrate. Her work does not go unnoticed. Meet her at the next Boss Summit September 27-30th.

Check out new episodes of The Boss Experience podcast every Wednesday, streaming live on all podcasts platforms. We like to call it "The best 20 minutes of your Wednesday". Click here to listen now.


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