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Boss Summit University: Learning How To Navigate Your Business With Ease

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

With the Boss Summit approximately months away, we wanted to share how excited we are to bring you the best business-centric speakers in the game. This year’s Boss Summit  is all about women coming together to learn, network, and make themselves apart of something much "BIGGER". The amazing speakers from our Masterclass have so much knowledge to share on topics ranging from branding, digital marketing, social media, financial literacy, credit repair to navigating the business world with ease and confidence.

This time the theme is based around Boss Summit University. You must learn.

Each of these women have allowed their respective purposes to guide them through building successful brands or holding top executive roles behind many popular brands you know and see today. Now, they are committed to teaching and mentoring women from all walks of life. Our speakers want to help you develop your business skills, teach you the importance of using your passion to motivate your success, and show you how to network effectively.  These women are using what they learned from their experiences to educate and empower all the girl bosses and aspiring women entrepreneurs in attendance. 

Click the names below to learn more about our Boss Summit speakers.

Alisha Collins

Showing off their skills and setting a plate at the table are Philly's very own top female chefettes Kia Denise Talibah Cherry. and RPD Catering. These culinary queens have some amazing gourmet meals specfically designed. The hot meals prepared daily. Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

There to capture every precious moment of this spectacular event will be female Film Director RockiJean and LA based Andre The Director. You will be able to capture this extravagant experience via video content throughout the 3 night/4 days.

In addition, we also want to thank each of our sponsors. We appreciate everything they have provided for our “Swag Bags” to help make our Boss Summit a success. Our sponsors understand the powerful impact that giving back has on a brand’s image. More importantly, they are all committed to helping women in business reach their ultimate potentials. Guest attendees will receive a "Swag Bag" filled with some of the hottest beauty and self-care products today.

Don't miss your opportunity to snag a ticket to the next Boss Summit. It will be held September 14-17, 2021in Kissimmee, Florida.

For more information visit our website.



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