Erica Moncrief: Third Recipient for $1,000.00 Boss Summit Scholarship

As she walked through the Boss Summit mansion home, the 25 year old Brand Ambassador, Influencer, Model and the ultimate BOSSBABE came to network and inspire. This youngprenuer is on her way to greatness. She inhaled the presence of the moment of her surroundings and exhaled her fears of anything that almost stopped her from experiencing the 4 day event. Erica Moncrief comes way of Jacksonville, Florida but her roots are from Detroit, Michigan. She knew the

Boss Summit was a place where she can make her mark, but she had no idea

how much bigger that mark would grow once she returned home.

The year 2021 marked the year of growth for Erica and she stepped out on faith to build her network of sisterhood and business friends. She is on her way to making "BIGGER" impaction on her brand. As the ultimate BOSSBABE she continues to help bring as many of her woman followers that look up to her along.

Her goal is to aspire to inspire. She stands behind normalizing luxury, feeling bossy and enjoying a lifestyle that represents class. Just follow her instagram page and watch her stories and you will be enlightened.

Watch her journey as she flourishes. Erica can now take the knowledge was poured into her at the Boss Summit and return home to her community to fulfill. Thank you for making the decision to attend.

Congratulations to Erica Moncrief our Boss Summit September 2021 $1,000.00 Scholarship recipient. Make us all proud.

Our next Boss Summit will be held March 2022. Go to for more information.


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