Indya Fields: First To Receive $1,000.00 Scholarship from Boss Summit

When she walked through the doors of the inaugural Boss Summit 2020, Ms. Indya Fields was already expecting this to be the best week she had ever experienced. As a full-time high school student, part-time restaurant worker, and part-time aide to Head Chef Talibah Cherry, Indya was hoping to leave with some tips on how to finally put her own business in motion. She had no idea that so much more would be awaiting her once the summit began.

Indya is a Philadelphia native teen who attended the Harvard Law School program just this past summer. As a result, she will be graduating high school with 20 college credits already under her belt. She has a habit of hard work, which is a valuable skill in a person her age. This habit is what earned her a seat at the summit. In November of 2019, Indya sought a position helping Talibah Cherry’s catering brand, Deeper Than Soul. She spent her year as an intern proving her work ethic, which resulted in her Assistant promotion in July of 2020.

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