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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Brooke Wise

Meet Brooke Wise. Owner of Juice Cosmetics LLC and one of our bossprenuers who entered for a chance to win a FREE ticket to attend the upcoming Boss Summit held

September 27-30th in Kissimmee, Orlando, Florida. Juice Cosmetics LLC is a Philadelphia based business that offers handmade organic cosmetic products that go from the earth to your skin.

For a bonus entry a bossprenuer had to comment "why they would love to attend the Boss Summit". Her powerful comment blew me away. So much that I decided to formulate it into a BLOG so you can have the opportunity to read as well. So here it is.

Clicking on lasts years highlights of the Boss Summit I was in awe with the amount of useful information being shared by women WHO LOOK LIKE ME. Seeing such a large network of successful black women in the same room sent chills through my body because it made me believe I can do it too.

Being from the city of Philadelphia specifically North Philadelphia, there aren't many positive influences in our communities, streets are filled with ghosts guns and no extracurricular activities. Sports have been taken away from our school programs. More and more kids in my city suffer from lack of guidance or even resources to be able to succeed.

Originally I created my business for fun using my science interests to make lip glosses and ended up branching into natural skin care. My little sisters have worked alongside me with tons of questions. They motivate me to do more and expand this business. They have came up with their own business ideas along the way and learned the importance of inventory when they would sell lip gloss to their schoolmates.

The Boss Summit would give me the opportunity to learn how to create better content for social media and understand marketing, but most notably it would mold me into a positive influence for the youth in my city. Not only will I take the information learned from Boss Summit and TAKE OFF in my business career, but I will make sure to bring all the city girls and boys with me on the journey.

I want to be able to come back home and tell my little sisters it's possible and a job can limit the amount of financial freedom you can have in life. Use your creativity to get off the phones and join programs. I appreciate whomever reads this and I really hope to work with Boss Summit in the future. Well good luck Brooke on your chance to win the contest. We are looking for great things from you.

Go visit our instagram page Boss Summit to read the details on how to "Enter To Win" a life-changing opportunity to attend the next Boss Summit. A $1,599.00 value.

Good luck to all who enter. There are only 6 spots left. To join us next month go to to secure your spot today.

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