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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Markia McClenton

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Markia McClenton is the business owner of Juiced By Ke, a cold pressed juicing company. In addition to running her juicing business Ke is the proud mother of a 10 year old son and serves the School District of Philadelphia as an Assistant Principal. She has been an educator for 16 years.

Three years ago, Ke found herself unhappy. The degrees, certificates, and material accomplishments people deem as success didn’t make me happy. I found myself in a transitional and pivotal point in life. My darkest moment became my brightest when I launched Juiced By Ke, Juicing became my zen and helped heal a broken woman. Quality has always been of great importance to me so I began cold pressing juice.

Cold pressed juicing involves a two-step process. Produce is shredded and then pressed using no heat which in turn preserves the integrity of the fruits and vegetables, thus yielding more nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. The cool thing is your body gets all the benefits almost immediately.

It’s more than juice for me, so I learned more about the body and became a Certified Health Coach. “Health Coaches are the doctors of the future” as we specialize in preventative measures and collaborate with our clients on reaching optimal health and wellness goals.

I decided to attend Boss Summit to learn, network and simply receive some “me time” to rejuvenate during the pandemic. It was truly the best decision I could have made for myself. I had the opportunity to reconnect with my sisters from previous retreats while having the pleasure of meeting new ones.

The exciting news is after the Boss Summit I was energized and began going full throttle with launching my new brand, Obi Cold Pressed Juice. Juiced By Ke will continue to be a wellness brand that focuses on health, education, and coaching while Obi Cold Pressed Juicewill streamline wholesaling of juices.

Another dope experience was I met a lovely Queen at the Boss Summit who happens to be my relative. After sharing a tribute for my great great grandmother, Charlotta Dawson Groce on Instagram for Women’s History Month and Rodecia McKnight reached out to me. What a pleasant surprise to discover we have the same grandmother. Had I not posted the tribute along with our grandmother’s name we would had never made the matriarchal connection. Our family is vast. This new family connection was super special for both of us. Now we are Boss Summit sisters and real life cousins.

Being a Boss means being a life learner. My advice to someone looking to attend Boss Summit would be to invest in yourself by perfecting your craft. Never think you have everything you need. You can always benefit from learning more and meeting new people. Never underestimate the power of sisterhood and networking. I’ve been blessed to meet the most amazing, beautiful, bosses and we have fostered a sisterhood that has lasted for years. They have pushed me to grow, be more confident, and strive towards my fullest potential. Sis, take that leap of faith.

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