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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Mikelya Fournier

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Mikelya Fournier is a wife, mother of 4, Mom lifestyle blogger, and content marketer. She started in business at the early age of 11 as a natural hairstylist. Fifteen years later Mikelya pivoted into blogging in 2017.

Her blog Mikelya Fournier focuses on self-care, home living, and parenting. She provides inspiration and self-guided help for moms who want to live their best life no matter what their location or income level may be. Additionally, she provides blogging and content service for businesses in the fashion, beauty, tech, food and home goods industry.

Mikelya attended the Boss Summit to network with other women and share her expertise in content marketing. She was aware that many female entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with blog content, email, and social media marketing. It was her goal to connect with those women and provide them with the resources they needed.

I was able to sync with some of the women who I'd worked with remotely. I met new small business owners who face some of the same challenges as myself. I'm not a natural at networking but the way Boss Summit was set up made it easy for me to speak within connect with other women who attended.

My advice I would give to someone looking to attend the Boss Summit is to come as you are. There's no need to have a business 100% in order before you attend. You will leave with enough knowledge and information to get your business life in order when you get back home. Also, be willing and prepared to share information as well. Even though someone may be further along in their business journey than yourself, doesn't mean they know everything. Be mindful that any information you may have can help somebody so don't be afraid to share any knowledge you may have or know.

The next Boss Summit will be held March 2022. Subscribe to the get updates on the Boss Summit.

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