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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Rayna Brooks

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Rayna is a mommy first and female entrepreneur second. She is the proud business owner of The Mobile Spa where Rayna started going into homes and providing facial treatments, massages, and, self-care services. Eight years later they have two locations and four amazing employees on staff. The brand also carries an amazing line of retail line of self care products that can’t stay on the shelves.

Rayna and The Mobile Spa attended the Boss Summit and provided massage services to all the speakers and attendees. Rayna met Boss Summit founder Lynn Brishae at the Milano Di Rouge Womanaire Club Reciprocity Retreat back in 2019 and they kept in touch. This gave her the opportunity to receive an invitation to apply her mobile spa services for the Boss Summit ladies. This is a perfect example of how building business relationships and networking goes a long way.

At Boss Summit I received something that was PRICELESS. Outside of new clients and exposure, I gained so many new sisters and business friends. Women I know I can count on. I gained so much knowledge of self, and how to take my business to the next level. With the knowledge, relationships and connections I consider myself unstoppable. The Boss Summit family connection taught me how we as women can help each other grow.

My advice to anyone who is looking to attend Boss Summit would be to keep your heart and mind open. Allow yourself to release, experience and embrace all that it has to offer. I left feeling very empowered. With your new found sisterhood get ready to go back home focused than ever before.

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