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Boss Summit SPOTLIGHT: Simone Garvey-Ewan

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Simone Garvey-Ewan is a talented who soul wears so many hats. She is a book publicist, editor, blogger and writer. In addition, Simone is the creator, owner and

Editor-in-Chief of Sage Reeds. A safe place where books, writing and wellness meet.

Something that was once an idea has now manifested itself thanks to Simone.

Sage Reeds is a book blog which strives to inspire you to use books as a tool to help feed your curiosity, expand your mind, spark conversations and share your light.

Never forget that you have dreams for a reason, Simone says. If you can’t see it, taste it, smell it and touch it in the mind. However, you can strive for them to be a reality. Simone believes it’s important to achieve your goals. Regardless of the obstacles you face, goals are yours to achieve. If you work hard It’s only a matter of time.

Simone is the host of “Unwind With Sage”. A Sunday night vibe on Instagram LIVE. The aim is to get your minds in the right place before bed. Follow and tune in every Sunday @sagereeds_

You can pull up with your bonnets, blankets, durags, hot tea or warm milk. WHATEVER you feel comfortable bringing. These segments are such a fun vibe that is guaranteed to be special and different. It’s not your average bedtime read.

Simone was an attendee at the very first Boss Summit in September 2020. She has such a gift for writing. She definitely has the skill set to assist you with all your writing projects.

The next Boss Summit experience will be September 14-17, 2021. secure your spot today at


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