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5 Reasons to Invest Your Hard-Earned Coins in a Business Retreat

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

“Being an entrepreneur is already time consuming. I don’t have extra days to attend a retreat.”

“Why spend hundreds of dollars on a retreat when I can get free game on YouTube?”

“Why pay to be in the presence of certain people when I can just email or DM them?”

These are just some of the responses that many people have when they are introduced to the idea of investing in a business retreat. And quite honestly, they are all valid. We work HARD for these coins, so it’s only right that we are wise with how we spend them.

On the flip side, however, I believe it’s important to reshape the way we view business retreats. This will in turn help us see their value. Something I say all the time because I am living proof that it is true, is this: Investing in yourself ALWAYS pays the most interest. And when deciding whether or not to attend a business retreat, it’s important to view it as an investment.

This leads me to the first reason as to why you should invest your hard-earned coins into a business retreat:

The knowledge you obtain is power

With knowledge, you can go far. With applied knowledge, you are limitless. From my experience at Milano Di Rouge’s Womanaire Reciprocity Retreat, I learned just how great business retreats are at providing you with the knowledge you need. The masterclasses and activities are all curated to provide you with information that is relevant to you and that fits your needs. With this knowledge, you then have the power to create limitless opportunities.

Your team improves in quality

It’s always quality over quantity, and as you grow as an entrepreneur, you realize the importance of adding like-minded, high-quality people to your team. Our bestie from back in the day will always be our bestie, but if he/she is not business-minded, we need to add to our team. Business retreats give you a chance to expand your circle and add quality, like-minded women. It’s critical to have these people with you as you climb.

You realize the road isn’t lonely after all

When you attend a business retreat, most attendees show vulnerability and are transparent with their journeys. You finally get to realize that you aren’t alone in your entrepreneurial struggles. It’s music to your ears when you hear someone (or even a few people) say, “I understand. Here’s how I handled that same situation” when you bring a worry or concern to the group. You realize the road isn’t THAT lonely after all.

The cost returns thousandfold

How? Because once again, business retreats are an investment in self, and an investment in self pays the most interest. With application of your newfound knowledge and the nurturing of your new relationships, the money you spend to attend can be doubled, tripled and even quadrupled.

You spend quality time with entrepreneurs you admire

Social media makes it easy to communicate with people you admire, but nothing beats physically being in their space for 24+ hours. At business retreats, you have the chance to network in a relaxed yet fun environment with moguls and

like-minded people. You get to rub shoulders as well as receive their undivided attention. Attention that a DM, video chat or email can never provide.

See you soon,

Lynn Brishae

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