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How Investing In A Women's Retreat Landed Me Mentorships With Moguls

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I went from admiring Milano Di Rouge from a distance to spending three days in a mansion with her and 20+ other women at both her Womanaire Reciprocity Retreats. I went from watching her drop gems on Instagram to sitting poolside and hearing these gems in person. Today, I consider her a mentor and friend.

Above Photo from left to right: Milano Di Rouge @iammilanodirouge, Kia @kiadenise, Leia @thereal_leia, myself @iamlynnbrishae and

Whitney @theprettynme.

Similarly, I went from not knowing anything about Maryam Moi Sherif to also meeting her at the Womanaire Reciprocity Retreat and learning that she is the mastermind behind many of the biggest branding campaigns we see today.

She even connected me with her network and gave my twin goddaughters the chance to be a part of a New York Fashion Week pop up photoshoot. Today, she is also one of my most valued mentors and friends.

And not to mention Armanceyyy, whom I also met by attending her Build Me Up Business Camp. She is a visionary, beautiful person and a GOAT in the creative industry. I’m blessed to say I can always call on her.

I am in no way bragging, but to say that these experiences were priceless is truly an understatement. The best part? Altogether, I only invested $1,500.

Now, $1,500 may seem expensive, but I use the word invested for a reason. To say I simply spent this money would imply I received a one-time, tangible product or service in return. I use invested because not only did I leave with intangible items (knowledge, insight, inspiration and much-needed resources), I left with genuine relationships and incredible mentors. I’ve already seen this $1,500 multiply incredibly for me, showing up in the form of lucrative opportunities, powerful business collaborations, and no-cost business advice from women who typically charge four to five figures to speak. These reasons explain why I had no issue paying as much as I did to attend the Womanaire Reciprocity Retreat because I firmly believe that when you invest in yourself, you see the highest return and get paid the most interest.

We all have priorities, bills, and for some of us, a family that requires a lot of our time and money. That’s why I can never shame anyone for what they choose as their focus. I do notice, however, that many of us quickly decide we can’t afford things before we even sit down to see what we’re working with. Too often, I quickly hear “I can’t afford it” when I’m in conversation with women about investing in themselves, but what many don’t realize is that your financial situation is not always as damaged as you think. If you feel that investing in a retreat is too much for your pockets right now, I encourage you to take some time to look at your spending, identify areas in which you can cut back (it is only temporary) and THEN make a decision.

Yes, Boss Summit tickets are $990, but that $990 will put you in an environment to learn valuable information and build powerful relationships, which can translate into future opportunities, business collaborations and mentorships. That $990 can easily turn into $9,990 and even $99,990. I am living proof that this is true. Plus, there are payment plans available.

See you soon,

Lynn Brishae

Boss Summit 2020 is a business retreat, 4-day, 3-night therapy session and the experience of a lifetime all wrapped in one. Register here.


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