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The Power Of Transparency: Using Your Story To Heal

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In my debut book, The Wealthy Dreamer, I share all the financial and life lessons I’ve learned from my father on my journey to building a million-dollar net worth.

I openly share the wins (such as when I built my dream home, which my Dad labeled as the biggest house he’d ever been in), and the losses (such as the time I recklessly blew through six figures) that made those wins possible.

While writing “The Wealthy Dreamer,” I kept two thoughts at the forefront of my mind: This is for Dad and Be transparent. I wanted to remember my WHY, which is my Dad, and I wanted to remember what will make my book one that’s worth the read, and that’s transparency. I firmly believe that my knowledge is your knowledge, and that my story along with the lessons I’ve learned along the way are ours to

internalize. They’re not just mine.

I’m bringing this same mindset to the Boss Summit 2020 retreat.

Boss Summit 2020 is not just a business meetup and getaway for like-minded boss babes. It’s something "MUCH BIGGER". Yes, it’s a retreat for learning and networking with the dopest women in the game, but it will also serve as a bonding experience, giving you the chance to pour into others and to have them pour into you. It’s a chance for you to be transparent with your story because I guarantee you, your story heals. It’s also a chance for you to sit back, relax and listen to other women in hopes that their story will heal or inspire you too.

Most of us appreciate transparency. We find comfort in knowing someone can relate to what we feel or what we’ve been through. How many times have you come across a song, a book, or a person who makes you feel one of two things:

1) Like you are not alone


2) Motivated to continue your journey because theirs is just so inspiring?

I’m so adamant about prioritizing transparency because you never know who is watching or listening. Someone in pain may find comfort in hearing about your pain, so they can not feel so alone. Someone feeling confused may find comfort in hearing how you gained clarity, and this simple exchange may also bring them clarity. Someone who has trouble finding a business resource may get an idea from hearing how you found resources. And on the flip side, someone with all the answers may be ready and willing to help you once you openly share your own struggles and confusion. At Boss Summit 2020, both women will be in the room — those who need help, and those who can help.

Even if you don’t attend the retreat, I encourage you to work intentionally to be vulnerable with it ALL — the pain, the confusion and the wins. You will help and heal others. You will also be helped and healed. Someone is watching and listening. Someone needs it (maybe you do too).

See you soon,

Lynn Brishae

Boss Summit 2020 is a business retreat, 4-day, 3-night therapy session and the experience of a lifetime all wrapped in one. Register here.



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