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Boss Summit 2020 Will Have You In Your Bag And Starting a Business In 4 Days

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I would say that I wish opening, maintaining, and growing a business was easy, but if I did, I wouldn’t be telling you the truth. If it were easy, how would we grow professionally? How would we become resourceful? How would we build dope, lifetime connections with other businesswomen? How would our perfect tales of no bumps along the road inspire others?

The truth is, birthing and growing a business can be difficult, but this same difficulty is what helps us develop that strong hunger and grit that's necessary in the world of entrepreneurship. This difficulty is what pushes us to build and sustain solid teams, seek knowledge, and create and adhere to solid plans. For these reasons, I can’t say that I wish being a businesswoman were easy. With Boss Summit 2020, however, it’s my mission to make the journey ​easier ​for as many boss women as I can​.

When I finally made my mind up about taking the entrepreneurial route two years ago, I had SO many struggles. I didn’t know how to start, where to start or even what to do to start. I struggled to find a designer for my logo, my website, my social media graphics, you name it. I had to figure it all out, and I lost a lot of money in the process. All the things I should’ve known, I didn’t know.

This is one reason I felt so motivated to launch Boss Summit 2020. I want to provide women with the tools I wish I had access to when I started. Between learning and implementing proper ​branding techniques, creating strong digital marketing tactics, being active on social media and keeping up with finances, being a business owner can definitely be A LOT. So, over the course of four days, Boss Summit’s speakers and sponsors will commit to sharing all the gems, all the resources, and all the motivation you will need to navigate the business world with ease and confidence.

If you are an established or aspiring business owner, I encourage you to bring all your questions, worries and an open mind. The retreat includes masterclasses filled with answers and solutions just for you. Masterclasses cover ​business license/LLC/trademark registration, social media content development and management, website building, financial literacy must-knows and credit building tips. ​The summit also includes zumba, fireside chats, pajama night, food and drinks from the best chefs in the game, pool time and so much more. This is no ordinary business retreat!

My wish is that Boss Summit 2020 completely changes your life and the status of your business, but remember boss babe, these changes can only take place if you wisely use the tools provided, and if you genuinely foster the bonds you make during these four days. I’m looking forward to having you.

See you soon,

Lynn Brishae

Boss Summit 2020 is a business retreat, 4-day, 3-night therapy session and the experience of a lifetime all wrapped in one. Registerhere.


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